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PWAPI video presentatiton

20.4.2006 PWAPI have a video presentation (7.8MB, 14:06 minut, 3gp) by myself in czech language. You can't use Windows Media Player, I recomend Real Player, or small player mpegable (4.1MB, zip archiv).

If you still don't know, what PWAPI is, this video presentation will help. My speak was followed by presentation in Power Point (152kB, ppt), which you can download too.

PWAPI 1.1.3 relased

10.4.2006 Improved caching of pages, new templates block function {nocache}{/nocache} for dynamic content. Speed of core had been improved too.

PWAPI wins at competion organised by Net Office school in Orlová

24.3.2006 PWAPI won firt place with this presentation (152kB, ppt).